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Miami Homicide Attorney: Murder Charges

Accused of committing murder in Miami?

There is no more serious offense than the unlawful taking of another person's life. If you have been charged with any type of murder, homicide or attempted felony murder, you have a lot at stake. To avoid a life sentence or the death penalty, we advise you take immediate action to secure legal representation from an experienced Miami homicide attorney. Even the slightest delay in obtaining legal counsel will have a direct and negative impact on the outcome of your case. There is no point in risking your future on an inexperienced attorney when our lead attorney has received a 9.1 Superb Avvo Rating, was given Avvo's Client Choice Award for 2012 and is a former prosecutor with the State Attorney's Office. Our entire team is committed to helping individuals like you avoid conviction. We are known for our compelling defense strategies and, as a result of our hard work and determination, we have helped countless individuals successfully challenge the charges they faced so that they could get on with living their lives.

Murder Lawyer Serving the Miami Area

Murder charges are some of the most severe criminal charges you can face here in Miami. The penalties for a murder or homicide conviction can include a life-time prison sentence, substantial fines and other extremely harsh penalties. We have many defense strategies we can use to help you fight such charges. For example, if you had to use deadly force to defend yourself against an attack or protect your family from a predator who was committing a felony in your home, your actions may be a justifiable use of deadly force. If an unfortunate death occurred as a result of negligence or during a crime of passion, we will work to get your charges reduced to manslaughter. If you killed your spouse after being forced to endure years of domestic violence and abuse, we can build a defense based on the assertion that the death was an "excusable homicide." It is not always easy in cases like these for law enforcement officers to differentiate the victim from the suspect, our firm will work diligently to uncover the evidence needed to help fight the accusations and charges against you.

There are also some instances, such as in attempted felony murder cases, when an individual can be charged for a criminal act despite the fact that he or she did not directly participate in the commission of a felony crime. In certain cases simply assisting another individual in the commission of a felony offense, which then results in serious injury or death, may be enough to warrant attempted felony murder charges. Without a skilled lawyer you can trust to aggressively defend your interests, there is little chance that you will be able to get the charges against you reduced, dismissed, or acquitted at trial. If you are facing murder or homicide charges, contact Seltzer Law, P.A. and schedule to discuss your case with a Miami murder lawyer as soon as possible.

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