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Charged Under the RICO Act?

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act

The RICO statute gives law enforcement very strong tools to punish organizations that engage in alleged systematic patterns of corruption. That includes the ability to freeze assets before any charge is filed or an arrest is made. Activities that might qualify a group for a RICO charge include illegal collection of debt through intimidation and other crimes that require organization. The government has wide latitude in prosecuting RICO charges, because anyone who derives any benefit, however small, from racketeering activities may be prosecuted. That means even someone who is only peripherally involved with a crime can be caught up in the prosecutors' net. If you're part of a RICO charge for an organization you aren't really a part of-or were not aware of-you should get help right away from a Miami criminal defense attorney and former Miami-Dade Cyber Crime Prosecutor from Seltzer Law, PA.

Miami Federal Crime Lawyer Explains the Law

RICO laws originated in Mafia prosecutions. RICO laws were created, in part, to harshly punish Mafia members because many other charges against them "didn't stick." Unfortunately, prosecutors often go past legislative intent and use the RICO statute to unduly punish many first-time offenders. An experienced Miami racketeering and RICO criminal defense lawyer can help you approach these serious charges. The Florida RICO act makes it illegal for any person to use or invest – whether directly or indirectly –any proceeds that were derived through the criminal intention behind patterned behaviors of racketeering activity. This would be through the collection of unlawful debt that is used for investment purposes, the acquisition of any titles as well as the rights / interests / equities in real property as well as the establishment and / or operation of an enterprise.

The state's Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act also declares it illegal to collect on unlawful debt or acquire and maintain – directly or indirectly – any interest in control of an enterprise or real property if the collection behaviors are conducted through patterns of racketeering. For persons employed or associated in any way with an enterprise directly or indirectly participating in patterns of racketeering that include the collection of unlawful debt, the law will come into play as well. The same is true for individuals conspiring or endeavoring to violate any of the above mentioned subsections. If you believe you're being prosecuted under these laws incorrectly, you should talk to an attorney as soon as possible. Contact a criminal lawyer in Miami today.

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