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Criminal Defense Law Firm in Miami, FL

Top Rated, Aggressive Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing charges, you need to act quickly and retain a highly qualified and aggressive Miami criminal defense attorney from Seltzer Law, P.A. Our founding attorney has gained a reputation throughout the legal community for exceptional legal work in criminal cases. As a former Miami-Dade prosecutor, he served at many misdemeanor and felony trials, and was eventually selected to head up their cybercrime division. Our Miami criminal defense attorney can be contacted any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find out more about what the firm can do you in your case:

Charges of arson could be filed in either state or federal court, and in either case, can carry extremely heavy penalties. If you are accused of starting a fire, creating an explosion, or any other arson crime, the penalties imposed could include years in prison. Find out more about arson charges.

Assault charges could be filed either as a misdemeanor or felony. Whether you are accused of assault, assault & battery or aggravated assault, the situation is dangerous legally. The severity of the charges are based upon any injury that is alleged to have taken place in the assault. Read more.

Charges of assault often include battery - the fact of an actual physical attack. There are many cases of assault that arise after an unexpected altercation. Unfortunately, the last man standing is often the person who is charged, even in cases of self-defense. Find out more.

Computer Crimes
Cybercrime task forces are operating 24/7 at both the state and federal levels. You may have been caught in the net, and are uncertain about what to do next. In order to ensure that you are represented by an attorney with experience in cybercrime defense, contact our firm Seltzer Law, P.A., as our lead attorney is a former cybercrime prosecutor.

Drug Crimes
Whether you are accused of possession, possession with intent, trafficking, cultivation or any prescription drug crime, the penalties imposed in Florida are extremely harsh. It is imperative that your defense counsel has the ability to seek out any advantage for you. Read more.

One of the most common of all criminal charges is DUI. Many people face their first encounter with the justice system on a drunk driving charge, most frequently a misdemeanor charge. In cases involving an accident or injury, felony DUI charges may be filed. In either case, having a highly skilled criminal attorney on your side may allow you to avoid conviction. Read more.

Federal Crimes
Not all attorneys are admitted to practice in federal court. This is a completely different court system, and the penalties imposed are often heavier than in cases filed in state court. If you are facing federal crime charges, you need the most qualified federal criminal defense attorney you can find. Read more.

RICO Crimes
Law enforcement at the federal level is heavily involved in seeking out those involved in organized crime. The authorities have the ability to freeze your bank accounts and assets if it is believed that you are involved in any large scale criminal enterprise. Find out more.

Tax Evasion
Are you accused of hiding assets or income on your tax returns, either personal or business? The consequences can be significant if you are convicted of evading taxes. Find out what could be done to help you fight the charges and seek to avoid the serious penalties imposed for this crime.

Fraud Crimes
There are a large range of fraud crimes, including insurance fraud, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, accounting fraud, credit card fraud, prescription drug fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud, among others. A fraud crime can destroy your professional standing, and a conviction can lead to the inability to maintain a license or practice your profession. Read more.

A criminal charge filed against a person who does not have legal status, or is a legal immigrant to the USA will often result in deportation. If you are accused of any criminal offense and your immigration status or ability to continue to live and work in the USA is at risk, our firm can help. Read more.

Juvenile Crimes
Young people make mistakes. How heavily should a minor be punished for any crime? Although the juvenile court system is more lenient than the adult court system, some serious crimes are moved from juvenile court to adult court. Protect your child. Find out more about what we can do to help avoid the terrible consequences of a conviction.

Murder (Homicide)
If you have been charged with murder, or are the target in a criminal investigation in a murder case, your future freedom, and life, could be at risk. Never answer any questions by investigators in a murder case without having your attorney present, and you may later be facing charges, usually within a few days. Read more.

The penalties for manslaughter are less severe than in a murder conviction, but could mean years behind bars in a state correctional facility. Whether your case involves a DUI accident, a physical altercation that led to the death of another person, or other type of situation, our firm can take action to defend you. Read more.

Probation Violations
When you are placed on probation, it is considered to be an advantage to you. If you are accused of violating the terms of your probation, you could face the entire sentence you avoided when put on probation, with added time for the violation, unless defense actions are undertaken for you at once. Read more.

Sex Crimes
Some of the most heavily penalized offenses are sex crimes. Whether you are accused of sexual assault, rape, date rape, possession of child pornography or other sex crime, the actions taken early in your case by your Miami criminal attorney could make the difference between conviction and the ability to walk away undamaged. Find out more.

There are a range of theft crimes, from shoplifting to identity theft to burglary, robbery and carjacking, and others. The penalties imposed can range from fines and a few days in jail to years behind bars in state prison. In any theft crime case, you need a defense lawyer to take action at once. Read more.

Gun Charges
Our state has some of the heaviest penalties in the country for violent crimes involving guns or other weapons. The penalties are increased for any violent crime in which a weapon was present, whether it the weapon was used in the commission of the crime or not. Find out more.

Contact our Miami criminal defense lawyer at Seltzer Law, P.A. for immediate assistance if you are under investigation or have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense.

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